Place Your Bets: Left Hand’s Black Jack Porter

On the docket:  Left Hand Brewing Co.’s Black Jack Porter

Poured into:  Innis & Gunn stemmed tulip

S:  Deep dark mahogany with orange and red highlights split the visual duty of the body, while a khaki colored head builds then recedes down to a small cap.  Tiny bubbles lazily make their way to the top.

A:  Rich, roasted dark malt doubled-down by subtle chocolate and coffee.  Faint herbal notes show up too, giving some insurance from the hops.  There’s also a small hit of heat from the alcohol, but nothing to get busted over.

T:  Washes of coffee and chocolate deal a one-two combination in the beginning.  Sweet malt and roast in the middle of the hand, with a small bite of astringency, alcohol and herbal hops round out this beauty.  The boozy quality is a bit more apparent as this one warms up.

F:  Smooth, velvety mouthfeel; likely due to the wheat used in this interpretation. Medium weight and a pleasant carbonation.  The bubbles are enough to allow the beer to stay refreshing and not flat.

O:  Pleasant, easy to drink American take on an English style.  I’d argue that this is more a robust porter than an actual brown due to the roasted qualities.  Regardless, it’s a delicious beer, one I’d bet on having again.

S:  4  A:  4.25  T:  4.25  F:  4  O:  4.25

Suggested food pairing:  low-and-slow barbecue ribs, earthy Havarti cheese, chocolate or coffee flavored desserts