Capulet… Montague… Pipeworks… What’s In a Name?

Pipeworks- Any Other Name 6% abv.

Poured into:  Wine & Whiskey Country snifter, Evil Twin Brewing stemmed craft glass

Appearance:  Unfiltered, pastel honey body with an off-white head.  Good head retention, but it eventually dies down.  Minuscule bubbles zip up from the bottom of the glass.

Aroma:  Lemon, spices, and a definite floral character… must be the rose hips (which, I found out through a quick search, are the berries found on rose bushes)

Taste:  Shall I compare thee to a Saison Dupont?  No.  The much-beloved Saison Dupont is a very classic example of the farmhouse ale style.  Pipeworks on the other hand, offers something different.  While familiar pieces are there- the lemony hop flavors, the spicy yeast kick, and the pilsner malt- the addition of rose petals and rose hips add a layer of depth and oddity.  Sit back and examine the flavor, and you’ll get just the slightest suggestion of tartness.

Feel:  Medium-light, spritzy.  Long, floral and dry finish

Overall:  Ultimately, the names here, are irrelevant to me as much as they are to Juliet.  A great saison of which I think The Bard would approve.  A word to the wise- pour carefully to avoid the yeast being added to your glass, unless you like that sort of thing.

Food Pairings:  chevre cheese, spinach and arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette dressing, fish and chips, beignets with rose hip coulis

Keep Your Eye on This One: Off Color’s Troublesome

Aroma:  Bright lemon citrus, notes coriander, briny sea salt, and a twang of sourness.  What’s not troublesome is the lack of hop presence in the nose.  The lactobacillus and tart wheat profile do the heavy lifting of this delicate beer.

Sight:  Hazy lemonade-like gold body.  The stark white head builds than wilts quickly.  Like most gose, the head on this one is evanescent (not to be confused with effervescent, more on that later).  All that’s left on of the head is a thin ring around the outside of the glass, and a small atoll of bubbles in the middle.  The hazy makes determining bubble activity nigh impossible.

Taste:  Tart lacto-lemon twang, salt, coriander and the fluffy wheat all play a part in making this beer taste greater than the sum of its parts.  The coriander comes through in the middle, but the salt and acidity finishes out each sip, scrubbing your palate and prepping you for the next sip.  The wheat does provide a subtle doughy, bready flavor, providing a contrast to the sweet and sour assault.

Feel:  Light and spritzy with a fine, champagne like effervescence.  The finish cuts off abruptly after each sip, just a trace of tangy lemon and wheat remain.

Overall:  Sessionable, refreshing, and a beginner’s gose.  With a 4.3% abv, this will certainly keep you OUT of mischief and screams summer barbecues and drinks by the pool.

S:  3.5  A:  3.75  T:  4.0  F:  4  O:  3.75

Food pairing suggestion:  Tossed salad with lemon or raspberry vinaigrette dressing, lightly seasoned chicken or oily/fatty fish, fruit tart, rich Triple-cream cheese