Chimay Sneak Preview: Red, White, and Blue

It’s not often I get to “leak” anything.  That said,  I thought it would be fun, and create a little buzz (pun fully intended) to let everyone know that I’ll be doing a 3 part series of reviews of Chimay’s flagship beers, Red, White, and Blue (likely in that order).

Stay thirsty for the first review.

Brewery Interview: Angry Erik Brewing, Lafayette NJ

It was a cloudy October afternoon in the Lafayette industrial park.  A light rain fell, making the collage of red, orange, green and gold leaves glisten.  I walked through the door of the humble brewery to find a fit, energetic young woman hauling around empty kegs and flipping high-bar chairs over in preparation for the crowds that would surely visit in the evening.

Heide and I shook hands, I powered up my laptop, and we got down to business.

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