Helpful Beer Resources

Below are several helpful beer-related websites:

BeerAdvocate – I’m on this one daily, finding out about new releases, engaging in discussions, keeping track of the beer I’ve tried, uploading reviews, and on occasion, submitting events I find out about in my area. – Whenever we pick a new place to eat, I always visit this site and see if the location is in this database, and see what’s available.  It’s easy to use by entering a city and state or ZIP code.

Untappd – Social site where you can rate and keep track of the beer you’ve tried. – Great site for seeing breweries in a surrounding area.  It’s helpful for planning “beercations” or when you’re visiting a new area and want to see what’s around.

New Jersey Craft Beer – I live in NW NJ, and I find this site helpful to find out which bottle shops honor the NJ Beer card, new breweries getting their start in NJ, events, job postings, all relevant to NJ.

Fresh Beer Only – A way to decode various bottle dates from breweries.  Idea for listing this site goes to Greywulfken on

Seek a Brew – A site detailing which breweries distribute to which states.  Again, the idea for listing this site goes to Greywulfken on


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