Skip the Cardio: Terrapin’s The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA

On the docket:  22 oz.  Terrapin’s The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA best-by date:  4/4/16.  A last minute purchase in halfhearted attempt at 10/31.

Poured into:  Man Skirt Brewing Co.’s (No pants, just great beer!) logoed English pub glass

S:  Break-light red body that supports a bone colored, spongy, yeasty head full of pitting and rolling waves.  Tiny, tiny bubbles rise from the base of the glass.  Lacing appears as consistent rings with small webs connecting each layer.

A:  Pleasant bright orange citrus, slight pine, and gentle malt all come together to create an aroma far less scary than the walking dead.  Another sniff yields a bit of mango.

T:  The pine and orange greet the tongue immediately, followed by a soft, toasted bread crust and the spicy, tangy rye twinge ever-present in red IPAs.  It’s got a bitter finish, the citrus and mango making a second appearance, just like when you think you killed that zombie, but didn’t see it die.

F:  Slick, oily.  Medium bodied.  It sticks around on the palate for a bit after you swallow.

O:  Enjoyable to drink, no true flaws, but not stand-out either (Try Sixpoint’s Righteous or Ninkasi’s Devil Went Down to Oregon as a great example).  Beer isn’t exactly a gimmick, just close to it.  22 ounces of this 6.7% abv beer might make you a little slow, but good thing we’re dealing with the “walking dead” and not Usain Bolt’s reanimated corpse.

S:  4  A:  4  T:  3.75  F:  4  O:  3.75

Suggested food pairing:  German jäger schnitzel, pepperjack cheese, salad with pecans and mandarin orange slices