Belgian Trifecta Part 1: Touch of (Chimay) Red

On the docket:  Chimay Première (Red)  11.2 oz. bottle

Poured into:  Unmarked Libbey tulip

S:  An opaque, deep walnut brown body holds up a khaki head.  Its top is thick, uniform, and full of tiny bubbles.  I cannot detect carbonation activity because the beer is so think and dark.

A:  Sweet malt and spicy yeast gives your nose a wake-up, plus a note of molasses and pumpernickel bread.  Just a whiff of booze.

T:  A touch of caramel, molasses, and sweet malt form that base of the brown beauty.  Sugar and spice balances the raisin and fig flavors.  Kind of “fruit-cakey.”  Few circumstances would use that as a compliment, but this is one of them.  Dry but not bitter.

F:  Slick, but deceptively light mouthfeel.  Starts sweet but boy does it finish dry!

O:  Perhaps the single-most recognized and best regarded brew of its style and Belgian origin.  Iconic.  Great for sitting down and enjoying.

Suggested food pairing:  Havarti, char-broiled steak, dark chocolate, by itself as dessert

S:  4.5  A:  4.25  T:  4.5  F:  4.25  O:  4.5