Happy New Beer! Bière de Champagne

Happy 2016, subscribers, viewers, and newcomers.  I feel it only fitting that one of the first things I do this year is post a beer review.  The following was my experience with my much-heralded NYE beer, DeuS.  Enjoy, and try not to snort beer from your nose while reading, it gets a little out-there…

On the docket:  750 mL cork and cage bottle of Brewery Bosteels’ Deus 2012

Poured into: pilsner glass

S:  Holy bubbly, Batman!  I have never, in my short beer-drinking life, seen so much effervescence.  Bubbles, falling in reverse, constantly erupt from the bottom of my pilsner glass.  A stark white, highly porous head builds then recedes.  Its body is a very pale straw, golden, and remarkably clear.

A:  Apple, pear, a bit of barnyard, bright fruity esters… mint?  Yeah, I think there’s a mint note.  Halfway through enjoying the bottle, and periodically inhaling the aroma of the newly poured head, my nose did a double-take.  What is that I’m getting?  I turned to my wife and asked her to smell the beer, thinking I was crazy.  After she sniffed, I said, “It smells like a wet dog rolled in mint leaves and Aqua Velva.”  That observation got me the weirdest look in a long time.  But, though that was imaginative, and descriptive, it wasn’t quite accurate.  I continued to smell.  Then it hit me (almost literally).  What some people call “pineapple,” but my sense memory labeled as “cat box.”  The realization almost put me off my beer.  Whether from the yeast strain, the hop bill, or some other chemical process, I had never smelled anything quite like that in a beer.

T:  The pleasant parts of the nose follow through to the taste:  a medley of pear, apple, clove spice, citrus, and yes, mint again.  I don’t detect bitterness.  Instead, there’s a delicate tartness.  Added in is a sweet note in the beginning, but by the time you swallow, it’s quite dry.

F:  Light, creamy, and fluffy all at the same time.  Extremely tingly.  There’s a subtle whisper of booze on the finish, and grows more evident as the beer warms.  11.5%.  Yikes!

O:  I love to use the phrase “no words, just feelings” when describing incredible experiences.  However, this is a beer review, so words are not just required, but inadequate.  I’ve nothing to compare this beer to… if Saison Dupont, Chimay Cinq Cents, and Duvel got together in a room and starting drinking Dom, that just about scratches the surface of this intensely drinkable AND dangerous deity of a brew.  And, when have I ever added this to a review- there is a very noticeable auditory element to this beer… it’s like the Belgian brewers put an Alka-Seltzer tablet in with the second dose of yeast.

S:  4.5  A:  3.75  T: 4.25  F:  4.5  O:  4.0

Suggested food pairing:  poach salmon, citrusy salads, on its own as an aperitif, fruit salad