About Me

As a spirit(s) guide, I possess:

  • competent knowledge of beer, wine, and spirits
    • styles, varietals, flavors, ingredients
  • familiarity with food pairing
    • contrasts, complements, new creations
  • knowledge about production process and ingredients
    • fermentation, distillation

I’ve experienced:

  • 100 styles of beer
  • wine from all over the world
  • the differences between Scotch whisky, Bourbon, & Rye- to name just a few

Other experiences include:

My Favorite Posts:


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I like the blog. Keep writing!


  2. As the wife of a “Rabid Craft Beer Connoisseur”, I’m truly impressed with the incredible amount of knowledge you have and your ability to write about it so eloquently!


  3. John R. Shoemaker

    Very informative John. Keep up the good work.


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