Hear Your Favorite Beer Blogger on the Air

To all of you who have faithfully read and followed me, I’ve a treat for you…


In the latest (and there will be a second, longer podcast uploaded soon) episode of the Coolship Podcast, I guest host, sitting between the two Einstein’s of Eisbeer and Professors of Pilsner, Matt Czigler (formerly of Kane Brewing) and Warren Wilson (owner of Homebrew University in Hackettstown, NJ).  It was an honor, and an uproariously good time.  The knowledge in their heads left me in awe.

Also, Sunday was a momentous day for me.  I brewed for my first time, with the aid and instruments of Warren, at his shop.  The style choice?  A Baltic Porter.  Based on my Polish heritage, it made perfect sent.  I plan to call it Shoe POLISH.  My bottle date is May 1st.  I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, stay thirsty, readers!

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