Cherry Baby: Free Will Brewing Co.’s Kriek Lambic

Free_Will_Kriek_LambicOn the docket:  475mL bottle of Free Will’s Kriek Lambic

Poured into:  Innis & Gunn stemmed craft glass

S:  The body appears translucent and reminiscent of a cloudy glass of pink-grapefruit Fresca.  If poured with vigor, a frothy, light carnation colored head form quickly, then dies.  A find bead of bubbles form a ring around the edge of the glass.  Bubble activity is detectable, but only if one looks at the edge of the meniscus.  Some sediment at the bottom of the glass, but to be expected.

A:  Subtle and tart cherry is the star of the aroma.  This is not sickly sweet, maraschino or the dark note of black cherries.  Typical of fruit lambics, the hops and malt are on vacation, living the good life in other beers.  The cherries are house-sitting.  A mild funk comes through as well, and is to be expected of the style.

T:  Counter to the Key Lime cousin also made by Free Will, this sour cherry version, though tart and sour, is a bit more subdued.  Also present more so in this beer, is the the evidence of malt, which tastes clean and doughy.  My guess is pale  or Pilsner malt.  As explained in the above paragraph, the hops are vacant.  The showcase of lambics is the tart, sour, funky bacteria element and the wild yeast, which Free Will cultures in-house.

F:  Light to medium-light.  Fine carbonation, still able to keep this beer light and refreshing.  Medium finish of a gentle tartness and sweetness from the cherries.  Again, this beer is naturally flavored and not back-sweetened.

O:  Not as tart and sour as the Key Lime, but still in close adherence to the style.  Easier to drink than most sour beers, and quite refreshing.  Good substitute for a mimosa (sub for the prosecco and we’ll call it a Lambosa), pink grapefruit soda or a malternative.

Suggested food pairing:  Mildly creamy goat cheese, fruit cup, Hawaiian pizza, and dare we go there… Easter-style glazed ham complete with pineapple rings, cloves and cherries.


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