Did You Ever Put Butter on a Toaster Pastry?

On the docket:  21st Amendment Brewery’s Toaster Pastry.  19.3 oz can, 7.6% abv, 74 IBUs, enjoy by date of 1/13/16

Poured into:  Stemmed tulip

S:  Crystal clear orange-amber body sporting a beige head.  The cap is thick, even, about a thumb’s width.  Tiny bubbles constantly rise to the top from the base of my glass.

A:  The hops provide wafts of grapefruit, pear, and a touch of resin.  The malts yield lightly toasted white bread, plus a faint sweetness.  For nearly 8% abv, this no alcohol present.

T:  Much of the hop aroma follows through to the taste.  Bright fruit notes, plus a decent measure of bitterness, made known especially on the finish.  The story on the back of the can is correct; the malts do provide a slightly nutty, earthy quality to the flavor of this amber ale.  There are suggestions of berry and pie crust, but very subtle.  I say 21st Amendment brewers wanted it to remind you of a Poptart, but not fool you into think you were drinking one.  As it warms, I get an herbal, eucalyptus-like note from (possibly) German Glacier or Equinox.  This beer contains experimental hops, so I’m not surprised about the flavor.

F:  Medium body, oily and coating.  Prickly, refreshing carbonation keeps you going back for more.  It finishes quite dry, and would provide contrast to a sweeter, fruity food pairing.

O:  It’s an easy to drink, flavorful, hoppy red ale.  I can understand the inspiration behind it based on the resulting flavor.  It’s something I’d like to try on draft.  Nicely done.  No toaster pastries were harmed in the making of this beer… I think.

Suggested food pairing:  Summer salad with arugula, pecans, strawberries and goat cheese, barbecued chicken, sharp cheddar cheese

S:  4  A:  3.75  T:  4.25  F:  4  O:  4