A Tyrant of a Brew: Clown Shoes’ Rexx

On the docket:  22 oz.  Clown Shoes’ Rexx Imperial Red Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels

Poured into:  Libbey Belgian stemmed-tulip

S:  A bold and ferric red body supports a tightly clinging beige head of foam.  Opaque with an almost purple highlight at the bottom.  Bubbles soar to the top, and lacing already clings in regular but thin rings.

A:  This king of a brew roars with spice and vanilla at the forefront, plus a trickle of higher alcohols and wood.  The bourbon aroma is quite dominant.  The hops seem to have retreated into the underbrush.

T:  The barrels are certainly present (Heaven Hill and Four Roses) in the initial taste, but not so heavy that the beer is petrified.  Notes of molasses, caramel, tangy spice from the rye, plus balancing hop bitterness comprises the full experience.  The full clade of flavors and the IBU are more apparent as the beer warms up a bit.

F:  Thick (I’d say medium +), full, oily.  Decent carbonation, just enough to scrub your mouth and cause you to go back for more.

O:  Disclaimer-  I’m hit or miss with BBA style beers, regardless of base style.  However, I truly enjoyed this one, and come on- who doesn’t like dinosaurs?  Grab this one while it’s still around, lest it go extinct.  When it comes to Clown Shoes, I “spare no expense.”  Bonus points for recognizing that reference.

S:  3.75  A:  4  T:  4.25  F:  3.75  O:  4

Suggested food pairing:  by itself, gamey meat such as venison, smoked cold cuts, earthy cheese, red velvet cakes or cupcakes, carrot cake