Review #4: A Double IPA that causes shaking at the knees

On the docket:  Stone’s  22 oz. XIX Anniversary Beer, Thunderstruck (bottled 7/23/15)

Poured into:  Stone pint glass, with some force to produce a nice head.

S:  Clear, bright straw-gold colored body with a stark, thick white head.  After a while, the head reside into a small but dense half-thumbnail cap.  It leaves lots of lacing, evident of fresh beer and a clean glass.  Bubbles rise from the bottom, lazily as if on vacation… in Australia.

A:  Citrusbottle_glow-182, peachy, piney hops leap off the head along with the subtle cracker-like hint of pale malt.  A bit of flowers and licorice from Ella hops.  This is a wonderful, complex blend of hop aromas due to the use of many Australian varietals.

T:  It tastes quite similar to its aroma.  Light malt, plus lots of hop flavors show off here.  While there is significant bitterness, most notably on the end, there are lots of fruity, piney, floral, and even spicy flavors.  Those wondering- this beer clocks in at 8.7% alcohol by volume, and 95 IBUs (international bitterness units).  It is a Double IPA (or DIPA).  The dryness helps keep the beer drinkable, causing the drinker to go back for more and more.

F:  Medium bodied, well attenuated (dry, little remaining sugar after fermentation).  There’s a nice amount of scrubbing bubbles present, it makes you go back for more.  The bitterness sticks around.

O:  I appreciate the fact that they change the details of this beer every year.  This is one Double IPA I can get behind.  Drink it fresh.  Good example of the style, while providing something unique.  I wonder what Stone will do next year?

Suggested food pairing:  salmon, saucy barbecue, rich bleu cheese

S:  4  A:  4.5  T:  4.25  F:  4  O:  4