Review #1: Weihenstephaner Original Premium, One Helles of a Beer

Style:  Munich Helles Lager

Poured into a clean pilsner glass

Sight:  Stark white head that sits fluffy and full on top of a crystal clear, golden-straw body.  Tiny champagne-like bubbles rise from the bottom of the glass.

Aroma:  Light, bready nose signaling Pilsner malt, combined with subtle but present noble hop spiciness.  No perceived esters and definitely no diacetyl.

Taste:  Similar to the aroma, it tastes of bready, grainy malt.  It also sports just a slight hint of sweetness, but this is a dry, well attenuated beer.  The hops are a little earthy and spicy.  This has a clean, crisp aftertaste with more malt.  No presence of off flavors.

Feel:  Dry, medium body and carbonation.  Smooth and malty.  No wine-like astringency.

Overall:  Excellent lager, extremely drinkable/sessionable.  One of the most highly regarded of the style by experts and novices alike.

Suggested food pairing:  buttery cheeses, light summer salads, white meat such as chicken breast or pork, lightly seasoned shellfish

Rating (out of 5)  S:  4  A:  4.5  T:  4.5  F:  4.5  O:  4.5

Bonus fact:  Designed by German brewers in the 1800s as the German answer to the Czech pilsner.        Weihenstephaner_Premium